Keelie's mind was forged in the camp fires of a nomadic troupe that eventually settled in New York's Adirondack mountains. She spent her childhood hunting and gathering with her sisters, learning to Irish step dance and convincing her teachers that she really had done her homework, she just forgot to bring it, again. As a teen, she skipped town on the back of a turnip truck which dumped her in the beautiful bowels of Brooklyn, where she's lived longer than anywhere else.  

A professionally trained Irish Step dancer, Keelie has traveled to Ireland, Canada and across the US with the Wild Irish Acres School of Irish Dance and the Niall O'Leary School in Manhattan. A truth-based-fibber since the second grade, Keelie has studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Stella Adler Studio, HB Studios and recently swindled a MFA in Acting from Brooklyn College. 

Keelie has developed drama programming for children and adults with developmental disabilities at Brooklyn's Block Institute. She has taught dance, drama, creative writing and performance with the YWCA of NYC, Community Word Project, Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), Brooklyn College Community Partnership and Brooklyn Apple Academy.

Her first full-length one-woman show, A Woman in Progress, premiered at La MaMa E.T.C.'s Club in January 2011. Keelie's directorial debut film, Father's Day, is currently in post-production. Keelie is a 2016 George J Mitchell Scholar, sponsored by the US Ireland Alliance and is currently pursuing a MFA in Theatre Directing at The Lir/ Trinity College, Dublin.

Keelie tells stories and makes pictures and travels and writes and eats great food for a living. Her recent explorations include Ireland, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Vietnam and Puerto Rico. 

Excited? Intrigued? Confused? It's ok. Email her: keelie.a.sheridan@gmail.com


Wasteland- A Design Collaboration with Valentin Eisele at The Lir. December 2015.

By Void theater company Directed by Leni Mendez Performed by Yokko, Julia Cavagna, Leah Beltran, Lauren Malinovsky, Keelie Sheridan, Marie Putko, Clarissa Hoffman, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones Music by Emilio Cordero Checa Performed at Sotano, NYC December 2014

Performed by Yokko, Julia Cavagna, Lauren Malinovsky, Keelie Sheridan, Clarissa Hoffmann, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones Directed by Leni Mendez Lighting design by Robin Dill Performed at Dixon place, NYC, 2015



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Collective Céilí is a social dance project that facilitates the recognition and commemoration of commonalities in diverse communities. Inspired by the tradition of Irish céilís, participants engage through music, movement and story to celebrate their favorite pieces of the places they call home. 

Keelie A. Sheridan grew up Irish step dancing and has performed in Canada, Ireland, across the US and in the 2009 Irish Dance World Championships.  Keelie began this project to share her love for the least technical and most inclusive form in the Irish dance canon- social céilís.

The Céilí Ensemble held it's first public céilí on St. Padraig's Day 2015 in the Times Sq. Subway Station, encouraging passersby to jump in as they taught and practiced traditional Irish céilis. 

The Céilí Ensemble completed a devising process through The Ume Group's Winter 2015 Training Ensemble and devised NYC-inspired céilís. The new dances were unveiled on Friday, April 10th at 8p at the Church of Grace and St. Paul- 123 W. 71st St, NY, NY.