200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

I'm pleased to have graduated from my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Three Sisters Yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed the instructors and my colleagues were all very inspiring. I'm thrilled to now have the opportunity to merge my long-term love of yoga with my passion for teaching.


Open Training begins Tuesday plus 'The Lab' at Grace & St. Paul's this Saturday

It's a big week for The Ume Group! We're kicking off our Open Training Series this Tuesday at 7p with a Butoh lesson with Yokko. Participants are then invited to stay and rehearse with The Ume Group as we begin to devise materials for our newest piece. This event is open to the community and by-donation/ pay-what-you-can. 



I'm also looking forward to moderating the talk-back immediately following The Ume Group's Lab @ Grace & St. Paul's Church- a forum for early stage performance experiments. We'll be hosting the following artists as they share their early explorations of these pieces:

-Ren Gyo Soh- Solo Dances (dance)

-Dara Malina- Adaptation of Minna Needs Rehearsal Space (other)

-Tom Nieboer- REINHARDT - The Unsavory Rise and Putrid Fall of An Uncommonly Filthy and Disreputable Youth (literature)

-Camilla Dely- of soft fissures and jagged spine (dance)

This event is free to the public and a reception will follow. Join us! 


Images from The Ume Group's Summer Physical Theatre and Devising Intensive at T Schreiber Studio

Images from the final offering of The Ume Group's Summer Physical Theatre and Devising Intensive at the T Schreiber Studio, co-taught by Keelie and Yokko. Photos by Jorge Luna

'The Other One' Shooting Begins

Production has officially begun for Trenchmouth Production's 'The Other One,' written and directed by Jay Leonard. I had a great time shooting last weekend- after teaching On Camera Technique at T Schreiber Studio this past winter it was great to get back in front of the camera! Filming continues through August 2017.

Doomocracy Press

'Grimly Handsome' Production Photos

'Grimly Handsome' by Julia Jarcho at The Lir, Dublin- July 2016

Directed by Keelie Sheridan

Costume & Set- Valentin Eisele

Lights- Bill Woodland

Sound- John Gunning

Cast- Frank Blake, Eimear Keating, Conor O Riordan

Production photos by Keith Dixon.

"Wasteland" Collaboration with Valentin Eisele, Ciara Murnane and Bill Woodland


I had the opportunity to collaborate with three of the MFA Theatre Design students on an evening of design showcases inspired by T. S. Eliot's "The Wasteland." It was a different approach to creating performance than I've engaged in previously; using design as the leading element and developing narrative and performance from the visual concept for the piece. 

I worked with Valentin Peter Eisele on a piece inspired by this portion of the poem: 

If there were water

And no rock

If there were rock

And also water

And water

A spring

A pool among the rock

IF there were the sound of water only


But there is no water

I worked with Ciara Murnane and Bill Woodland on a piece inspired by this line: 

My feet are at Moorgate, and my heart

Under my feet

More photos and video to follow.  

The Last Frankenstein Shoot

I had a wonderful experience shooting Gila Film's The Last Frankenstein in Amsterdam, NY this summer, directed by David Weaver. I play Paula- a corrupt nurse with a sordid past who assists Jason Frankenstein with his gory tasks. The stills below are courtesy of Jorge Luna Photography. Release information and screening dates forthcoming- check back!

Capricho at Dixon Place

Void Theater Company is so grateful to all who came to see our newest incarnation of Capricho on June 30th at Dixon Place.

Capricho challenges performers to wrestle with their weakest links- their biggest challenges as artists. Individual struggles become group examinations as the women of Void attempt to very publicly do what they don't do best. Capricho is a dance of vulnerability and insecurity and unflattering beauty. 

Directed by Leni Mendez
Lights by Robin Dill
Including sound by Emilio Cordero Checa

Performed by:
Julia Cavagna
Clarissa Hoffmann
Rebecca Lloyd Jones
Lauren Sky
Keelie A. Sheridan