truthordare In Process/ Void's Farewell Performance

The Void Theater Company is working on a research process in several stages.        

We invite you to be a part of it. 
Your feedback keeps the work growing and your ticket-by-donation helps to sustain Void- an ensemble of independent artists from NYC. 

Directed by: Leni Mendez

Music by Emilio Cordero Checa

Lighting by: Robin Dill


Julia Cavagna
Clarissa Hoffmann
Rebecca Lloyd-Jones
Marie Putko
Lauren Sky
Keelie A. Sheridan

Almost everyone has played 'truth or dare.' Most people know its rules and regulations. You have the choice to either answer a question as truthfully as possible or perform a dare, but you are always at the mercy of your fellow players. Even in the most familiar and intimate circles, the game can quickly turn dangerous.

$10 admission- CASH ONLY.
253 W.28th St (black unmarked door west of 253 entrance). RSVP to