'Grimly Handsome' Production Photos

'Grimly Handsome' by Julia Jarcho at The Lir, Dublin- July 2016

Directed by Keelie Sheridan

Costume & Set- Valentin Eisele

Lights- Bill Woodland

Sound- John Gunning

Cast- Frank Blake, Eimear Keating, Conor O Riordan

Production photos by Keith Dixon.

"Wasteland" Collaboration with Valentin Eisele, Ciara Murnane and Bill Woodland


I had the opportunity to collaborate with three of the MFA Theatre Design students on an evening of design showcases inspired by T. S. Eliot's "The Wasteland." It was a different approach to creating performance than I've engaged in previously; using design as the leading element and developing narrative and performance from the visual concept for the piece. 

I worked with Valentin Peter Eisele on a piece inspired by this portion of the poem: 

If there were water

And no rock

If there were rock

And also water

And water

A spring

A pool among the rock

IF there were the sound of water only


But there is no water

I worked with Ciara Murnane and Bill Woodland on a piece inspired by this line: 

My feet are at Moorgate, and my heart

Under my feet

More photos and video to follow.